Rio de Janeiro

Rio is undoubtly one of the most beautiful cities in the world and offers the tourists a variety of unforgettable activities.
We, from Orion Yachts, are ready to aid you in supplying all the information you, your family and friends may need during your stay in Rio de Janeiro.

Costa Verde - Angra dos Reis

It is one of the most beautiful regions of the Brazilian coast, located about 160 km south from the city of Rio.
There are several beaches, mountains and a lot of vegetation that has not been destroyed from the original Atlantic Rain Forests.
Along this green coast there are 365 islands with more than 2000 beaches. There are beautiful landscapes of natural beauty and there is also total infra-structure to please the most sophisticated tourists.
There are all kinds of hotels, restaurants and bars as well as spots fit for the practice of nautical sports. There are also hotels with all the facilities for corporate meetings, seminars, weekend courses or other corporate activities.

Costa Verde - Paraty

Is a small town in the west coast of the Rio de Janeiro state. It was founded in the colonial days by the Portuguese who used the port to ship all the gold that was being brought from the gold region, so it is one of the oldest towns in the country with more than 400 years of history.
During the gold cicle it was one of the main ports in the country and later it flourished with the production of a sugar cane liquor called "cachaça", resulting in the association of the towns name with the famous drink to the point that it is even quoted in the dictionary.
Like Angra dos Reis, it is located in the Ilha Grande bay. The pacific bay waters are splendid for skindiving and boat riding around the islands with stops to swim from the boat to secluded little beaches.

Região dos Lagos - Búzios

Búzios is a beach resort in a form of a peninsula located about 200 kms east from the city of Rio. There are several types of beaches and little bays around the resort town. In the east section there are the Atlantic ocean beaches and on the opposite side there are the quiet beaches and secluded bays. Contrasting all the water, at the other end stand the mountains of Serra do Mar like a backdrop for the town. The nightlife in Buzios is very exciting and the best bars, restaurants and discos of the region are there.

Região dos Lagos - Cabo Frio

Is located a little before Buzios, about 150 kms from Rio.
Fishing is one of the main activities in town where you will find a big variety of seafish as well as shrimps and crabs. The season when there is more fish is summer but amateur fishing is alowed during all year around.
All kinds of fishing may be practiced, from simple rods to diving, and a great number of people who love to fish fill the beaches, rocky coasts and islands surrounding the town.
Among the preferred islands there are: Ilha dos Anjos where you find the best shrimps of the region; Ilha dos Pargos, rich in anchovies; Ilha Dois Irmaos, Ilha dos Papagaios and ilha Comprida where skindiving and underwater fishing is the best. At night, a very exciting activity is picking up shrimps with flashlights showing the way.
Cabo Frio was one of the main salt producers in the country in the past.
All around the region you may see the salt farms with their windmills and squares on the ground for salt processing.
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